Improve Your Function and Achieve Your Goals

We specialise in prescribing exercise to help people living with disability live the life the way they want to. Our NDIS exercise physiology plans are individually tailored to help you achieve your plan goals and see your visions come to life.

We have experience with a wide range of disabilities and can individualise your therapy to your disability and the challenges that you face. Our exercise physiologists will work with you to help improve your function, strength, mobility, quality of life and overall health. These outcomes will empower you to do the things in life that you want to do.

Our boutique gym in Bruce is suitable for everyone. We have a wide range of equipment to accommodate all of our client’s exercise journey. If you are unsure or have any questions give us a call on 0401 320 430 or send us an email contact@axmep.com.au and one our exercise physiologists will be happy to help.


NDIS Exercise Physiology

How it works

NDIS physio user journey

Meet Jack,
Jack was recentlydiagnosed with multiplesclerosis after a flare upthat left him with decreasedfunction, strength and mobility.


Jack received funding fromthe NDIS in his improvedhealth and wellbeing and improved daily living skillscategories. This meant that Jack can see and exercisephysiologist.


Jack contacted AXM EP via0401 320 430 and made abooking at AXM EP in Bruce.


Jack attended AXM EP in Bruce to discuss his condition and plan goals and visions. A physical assessment wasalso conducted. Jack and the accredited exercise physiologist then discussed a plan to help Jack achieve his goals and visions.


Jack now sees an accredited exercise physiologist once per week to work on his strength, balance and function to maximise his quality of life and help him achieve his goals.

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