VO2 max

With our performance tests we help you reach your athletic potential and get the most out of your training. Our performance testing helps piece together your athletic puzzle through assessing: cardiopulmonary function, power output, aerobic capacity and muscular strengths and weaknesses.

Why undergo a performance test?
  • Identify VO2 max
  • Establish the most effective training zones for you
  • Outline areas of weakness and help make them a strength
  • Identify any muscular imbalances
  • Track training progress
  • Prevent and reduce your chances of injury
  • Screening for potential health complications
  • Help you to return to the top of you sport after injury or illness
VO2 Max Test

A VO2 max test is the best assessment there is for determining your bodies ability to utilise oxygen and energy. V02 max is a key performance indictor that is utilised at top level sports all around the world. It identifies how much oxygen your body can use to generate energy. Understanding how your body works to create energy allows for your training methods to be optimised to maximise performance.

What does the test involve?
  • A V02 max test is a graded exercise test completed on either an exercise bike or treadmill. A graded exercise test is where the exercise begins light and progressively becomes harder throughout
  • During the assessment you will be monitored through a gas analysis mask and a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). These measurements give us the most comprehensive understanding of how your body creates energy to reach a maximal state
  • The test is stopped when you choose to or when the exercise physiologist identifies you are at your physiological maximum
What do you get out of the assesment?

You receive a detailed report that includes:

  • VO2 max
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Recommended training zones
  • Maximal heart rate
  • Graphs of test performance
  • Any heart abnormalities identified

How to book an assessment

We take bookings via the phone for our clinical assessments.

Give us a call on 0401 320 430.

VO2 max testing

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